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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

WLU apologizes for treatment of graduate student

..."The conversation I heard does not reflect the values and practices to which Laurier aspires," she said in a statement on the Laurier website.

"I am sorry it occurred in the way that it did and I regret the impact it had on Lindsay Shepherd. I will convey my apology to her directly."

Rambukkana also apologized in an open letter.

Shepherd is not impressed.

"It's not like they're heroes," she said.

"It was really their only option" after the barrage of criticism, she said.

Shepherd has received messages of support from all over the world and heard from many angry alumni who said they would stop donating to the university because of the treatment she had received...

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Wilfred Laurier University students are being taught by censorious idiots who would have shocked Orwell

A teaching assistant named Lindsey Shepherd tried to introduce ideas currently in debate in Canadian society to her students.

The result is that she was brought before and persecuted by an Inquisition of Imbeciles who are Professors at Wilfred Laurier University:

One of the most disgraceful aspects of this sham is that the idiot, neo-Marxist professors at Wilfred Laurier are too stupid and conditioned to understand the difference between actual violence and words that offend them.

Canadian universities are in serious trouble.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Sky Penis Draws Ire of Navy Officials

...Officials with the Naval Air Station Whidbey Island in Oak Harbor, Wash., confirmed to KREM 2 News that Navy pilots were responsible for the drawings.

“The Navy holds its aircrew to the highest standards and we find this absolutely unacceptable, of zero training value and we are holding the crew accountable,” Navy officials said in a statement...
I think there's some training value to it. Drawing cocks in the sky over your enemies probably has some demoralizing effect. And you'd think if anyone would be in favor of working dick into a military exercise, it would be the Navy...

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Tarek Fatah: 'Anti-Islamophobia' motion taking more fire

A professor of linguistics at the University of Ottawa, commenting on the so-called anti-Islamophobia motion, M103, has urged the Trudeau government “to start an international Commission on how to handle the violence in the Qur’an,” which, he says exists, without doubt.

Professor Karim Achab gave his presentation on Nov. 8 to the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage regarding the motion on systematic racism and religious discrimination, which focuses on “Islamophobia.”

Using a PowerPoint presentation, Achab, who is of North African Amazigh (Berber) ancestry in Algeria, said “Islamophobia” is an inappropriate, unjustifiable word.

He then focused on the definition of “Islamophobia” offered by many Islamist activists: “The irrational fear or hatred of Muslims that leads to discrimination or actual acts of harassment or violence.”

Achab suggested the word was an example of “academic lexical creation” and, even though people have the right to create such words, they should have no place in parliament or law.
Dissecting “Islamophobia,” the linguistics professor told MPs, “phobia (is) a medical term referring to one type of mental disorder.” And yet, he noted, no one speaks of Coptophobia, even though, “Copts are slaughtered daily in Egypt.”

Alluding to anti-black racism and the genocide of the Yazidis by Islamic State, the professor asked why there were no words for “Blackophobia” or “Yazidiphobia”? 
If the clarity and explicit language of Achab gave the Liberal MPs and their NDP wingmen heartburn, what was to follow left them gasping for a politically correct response...

What’s so scary about free speech on campus?

...The philosophy of "social justice," that now prevails on campus is in fundamental conflict with traditional liberal values of truth-seeking. As social psychologist Jonathan Haidt points out, these sets of values can't be reconciled. According to Mr. Haidt, the patron saint of social justice was Karl Marx, who believed "in changing the world in part by overthrowing power structures and privilege." For social-justice advocates, true diversity of thought is dangerous, and words can be as dangerous as weapons.
The concept of words as weapons that can inflict damage on people's equality rights is a staple of feminist legal thought. It is also widespread on campuses today. At UBC, it is articulated by Mary Bryson, who as a member of the working group that devised the draft explained to The Globe and Mail: "Balancing on the one hand, the right to freedom of expression, and on the other hand, freedom from discrimination, I think that is an important move to take. It's important to recognize that there are unique threats to freedom faced in particular by minority students, staff and faculty."

Prof. Russell disagrees. "When I was a child, the old adage was 'sticks and stones may break my bones,'" he says. People made a sharp distinction between physical violence and threats, and language that was merely abusive and offensive. Today, that distinction has been dangerously blurred.

For all their talk about diversity and inclusion, universities have become monocultures of thought, where unpopular ideas are often regarded as downright toxic. Just ask Lindsay Shepherd, a graduate student at Wilfrid Laurier University. She's a teaching assistant for a course called Communications Studies 101. Last week, she showed students a YouTube video of a debate between controversial University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson and another professor, Nicholas Matte. The clip, in which Prof. Peterson objected to the use of non-gendered pronouns, was meant to spark discussion, and had already aired on TVO's The Agenda. Somebody complained, and Ms. Shepherd was promptly hauled on to the carpet by the university's Gendered and Sexual Violence Prevention and Support office, where she was accused of being "transphobic." She was informed that the video was not suitable for classroom viewing, and that by exposing her students to the noxious views of Prof. Peterson, she had violated university policy.

"Universities are no longer places where ideas may freely circulate," Ms. Shepherd told me in an e-mail. "They are places where if you even bring up the 'wrong' ideas, you are labelled as some sort of public enemy."...

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Black Lives Matter group is dictating Toronto Public School policy and making schools less safe for staff and kids

The Toronto District School board (TDSB) exhaustive review of the popular cops in schools program was a complete “sham,” Toronto’s police union boss charged Tuesday.

“The outcome was already dictated,” says Mike McCormack, questioning what criteria TDSB officials actually used to recommend putting the School Resource Officer (SRO) program out to pasture.

The cowardly, largely union-backed, Toronto public school trustees had already put the program on hold at the end of August pending the so-called review.

“They are ignoring the overwhelmingly positive results from their own survey,” McCormack says.

He finds it “frightening” that the TDSB is willing to thrown solid evidence of the success of the program “down the tubes to fulfil an agenda.”
In fact, the review results — which will be discussed at a planning and priorities meeting Wednesday afternoon — show that 57% of the 15,500 students surveyed between mid-September and the end of October believed the presence of an SRO in their schools made them feel safer.

Another 60% of TDSB staff surveyed said the SRO makes their school a safer place and 70% want the program to carry on. Some 80% of parents with kids in schools that have an SRO felt the same way...

How to win the war on free speech by Debra Soh

The battle in favour of academic freedom has been a tumultuous one. In August, an event at Ryerson University, titled "The Stifling of Free Speech on University Campuses," was shut down after far-left group No Fascist T.O. harassed university administration.

The event was rescheduled for this past Saturday. As perhaps a testament to the public's frustration around being coerced into silence, the audience quintupled in size, from 300 to 1,500 attendees.

Contrary to how it was painted by activists, the event wasn't a hate rally promulgating white supremacy. Moderated and organized by former social worker, Sarina Singh, panelists included Jordan Peterson, the University of Toronto professor who opposes gender-neutral pronouns; Gad Saad, an evolutionary behavioural scientist at Concordia University; and Oren Amitay, a sessional lecturer at Ryerson University.

Dr. Amitay stresses that parents need to be involved in what their children are being taught, even before they reach university. As a testament to how entrenched these loopy ideas are, the indoctrination process begins as early as elementary school – take, for instance, social justice lessons in phys-ed class.

We can take comfort in knowing that ideologues don't bother to hide their agenda – according to Dr. Peterson, if your child's teacher uses words like "diversity, equity, inclusivity," and "white privilege," these should tip you off that something is amiss. He suggests allowing your child to leave class, if you feel it's appropriate...