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Olivia Chow may be more incompetent than anyone realized

"That's not true. I've been cashier at Shoppers Drug Mart for two or three years and a waitress for six years ... I sold paintings, photos ... I had a business when I was an artist. I had three or four contracts."
"I have a car ... Equinox ... you don't think I can do 10 activities on one day. Do you think I can fly?"
"I have the courage to say what needs to be done ... I have the courage of my convictions ... just because Rob Ford and John Tory think it is the right thing to do doesn't mean it's right."
"It was Jamey Heath's thing (her communication adviser) ... I didn't go around handing them out. We weren't doing anything with it."
"Absolutely. I think it's really important for our children to grow up smart and strong especially in an at-risk neighbourhood and in all communities."
"It's worked quite well. My mom likes it. (We have) no issues."
"By appealing to what they (councillors) are most passionate about ... and let them run (with it) as long as you don't break the piggy bank ... that's the difference between me and John Tory. I know how the city works."
"Life is too short ... I want to get things done."

Read the Toronto Sun column by Sue Ann Levy HERE

Bloodthirsty Islamists infested Toronto's Queen's Park

Bloodthirsty Islamist ghouls infested Toronto's Queen's Park Saturday afternoon.

They come every year for their al Quds Day rally, to call for the elimination of Israel. This year, the turnout was bolstered by the conflagration in Gaza caused by Hamas launching missiles at Israel, and their rage at the pesky Jews' refusal to die en masse. They also came to spew venom at Canada for not being supportive of their murderous aspirations.

They came bearing pictures of Ayatollah Khomeini, the depraved dictator of Iran who sanctioned the systematic rape of female political prisoners, and with the flags of terror groups like Hezbollah.

They were accompanied by a small handful of useful idiot radical leftists, and a few pathetic creatures from the bizarre, inbred, apocalyptic Jewish cult Neutrei Karta. But though they were there in numbers as many as five thousand, almost all of them were South Asian Shia Muslims and Arabs, devotees of the most vicious dictatorships on earth.

Screaming hate in heavily accented English, interspersed with Islamic prayer calls and shouts of "Alahu Akbar," they called for the destruction of Israel and claimed that the Jewish state had no right to self defense. They said that terrorism, including indiscriminate attacks on Israeli civilians, is "legitimate resistance." They were angry that Israelis would not submit to their desire to exterminate every Jew "from the river to the sea."  They railed about Zionist (read "Jewish") control of the media and they said it's that bias that lends itself to considering Hamas' attempts to murder Israeli women, children and anyone they can get at as 'terrorism.' They hate that the world seems to think it's fair for Israel to try to prevent the slaughter of its citizens, as these Khomeinists would like to see happen. They screamed at the pro-Israel protesters, "go back to Germany where they can kill you again!"  One useful idiot, a slovenly fool named Sid Lacombe, was infuriated by Israel "smugly saying they have the right to defend themselves."  Evidently his group of morons, the so-called "Canadian Peace Alliance," would like Israel not to defend itself from the thousands of rockets launched by Hamas against its civilians and see their blood run like rivers.

Canadian flags distinguished the pro-Israel side
The good news is that there were hundreds of counter-protesters out to stand up to this evil. The sides were kept apart by a line of police, but it only took one glance to distinguish them. The pro-Israel side joyously sang and danced, which Hamas and the Khomeinists punish by death in their native lands. More obvious was that the pro-Israel side carried as many Canadian flags as Israeli ones. Whereas there were none among the perpetually enraged Islamists who, though they take advantage of all that Canada has to offer, despise this country and will do nothing to celebrate it. They denounced the leaders of all of the major Canadian political parties for not sympathizing with their efforts to rain death upon Israel.

One of the anti-Israel protesters carried a sign saying "If you are not angry, you are clearly not paying attention."  Canadians should be angry. But what we should be angry about is not Israel defending itself from terrorism, but the terror-supporters we have allowed to come into Canada in droves.

You can read and see more at Blazing Cat Fur HERE and HERE

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Feminist Studies professor pleads No Contest to assaulting teenage anti-abortion protester

A UC Santa Barbara feminist studies professor pleaded no contest Thursday to all three criminal misdemeanor charges filed against her stemming from an altercation on campus in March in which she accosted a young pro-life activist and stole and destroyed her sign.
Associate Professor Mireille Miller-Young will be sentenced next month for the charges of grand theft person, battery and vandalism, the Santa Barbara District Attorney’s Office announced Thursday.
On March 4, Miller-Young - whose academic focus is on black cultural studies, pornography and sex work – came across a group of prolife students with graphic anti-abortion signs and essentially became frenzied by the exhibit, leading a small mob of students to chant “tear down the sign” before she and two other students stormed off with one of the displays.
The scholar then engaged in an altercation with a teenage prolife protestor who had followed the educator to retrieve it. Much of the scuffle was caught on camera, and it left visible scratches on the young girl’s arms...
more HERE

Notorious anti-Semitic thesis author Jenny Peto has metamorphosis and resurfaces to lead anti-Israel rally as "Ben Peto"

Remember an anti-Semitic thesis that came out of the University of Toronto's Ontario Institute for Studies in Education a few years ago? It caused quite a stir at the time, becoming the subject of newspaper headlines and even distinguishing itself in being condemned by a number of members of Ontario's Legislative Assembly, including the Minister of Citizenship, Dr. Eric Hoskins.

The thesis was authored by a fanatical anti-Israel activist named Jenny Peto and in it she accused Holocaust education programs of being Zionist plots, which she also said were designed to further "Jewish whiteness." The thesis was riddled with factual errors and was ridiculously facile, with its first-hand research limited to the author's perusing of a couple of websites from two Holocaust education programs she tried to malign. The thesis was so destitute of academic rigor and replete with inane bigotry that it became a massive embarrassment for the University of Toronto and called its academic standards into question.

Peto herself became something of an embarrassment and for a while seemed to keep a fairly low profile within Toronto's anti-Israel mafia, perhaps because even they realized the involvement of someone like her could go a long way in discrediting them. But when your whole raison d'etre is to try to bring down the Jewish state, then like a junkie's need for heroin, some means has to be found to fulfil that obsession.

Well... it seems Jenny Peto is no more.

The old Jenny Peto, a self-described practitioner of "Queer Palestine solidarity," has undergone a metamorphosis, had what appear to be some physical modifications, and became "Ben Peto."

On Sunday, Ben Peto will be leading an anti-Israel rally in Toronto .

As the terror group Hamas indiscriminately launches rockets at Israeli civilians, while in Gaza, the civilian population are used as human shields by the Palestinian leadership, it is Israel and only Israel that "Ben" Peto spuriously accuses of "war crimes."

The rally "Ben" is organizing purports to be "child-friendly."  An event effectively sympathetic to the terror group Hamas isn't the sort of friendliness to which I'd imagine too many people would want their children exposed. But there isn't anything about "Ben," in any regard, I'd want to use an an example for children.

UPDATE - July 27: I passed by the park at the peak of the gathering, and there were about a dozen useful idiots from the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) along with Jenny Benny Peto, plus about an equal number of small children made to carry silhouette figures to represent dead children in Gaza. Naturally, there is no context for this nor could there be for the kids these creepy professional activists used as propaganda tools. Benny Peto playing Pied Piper to prepubescent pawns was a perverse reminder of how of Hamas uses children as human shields for terrorism.

h/t Sassy

Israeli ambassador blasts CNN coverage of Israeli-Palestinian conflict while on CNN

Imagine a country without borders

Gaza reporters threatened following tweets of how Hamas uses human shields

Several journalists from around the world reported seeing rockets fired from civilian areas in Gaza in recent days, and received threatening tweets in return accusing them of “informing” the IDF.

On Wednesday, Peter Stefanovic of Australia’s Channel Nine News tweeted: “Hamas rockets just launched over our hotel from a site about two hundred metres away. So a missile launch site is basically next door.”

An account called @ThisIsGaza said this was Stefanovic’s fourth time “passing and fabricating information to Israel... from GAZA” and threatened to sue him.

Another account, @longitude0 wrote: “You are a cretin. Are you working for the IDF” and “in WWII spies got shot.”

Washington Post reporter, other journalists appear to have been detained in Iran

Three American citizens, including The Washington Post’s correspondent in Iran, appear to have been detained this week in Tehran, U.S. officials and the newspaper said Thursday.
Washington Post foreign editor Douglas Jehl said the newspaper has received “credible reports” that correspondent Jason Rezaian and his wife, Yeganeh Salehi, were detained Tuesday evening in Tehran. It is unclear who detained them or why.

Reports indicate John Kerry trying to make Israel capitulate to Hamas demands

...The Kerry proposal, they said, provides for an immediate halt to hostilities to be followed 48 hours later by the start of five to-seven days of contacts between Israel, Palestinian and Egyptian delegations in Cairo, with the Palestinian delegation including Hamas officials. The talks in Egypt would include discussion of Hamas’s call for the lifting of the so-called siege of the Gaza Strip, and other demands.
In his comments on Friday in Cairo, Kerry said that Egypt had indeed offered to bring the “Palestinian factions,” and other interested parties, and Israel, to Cairo for such talks. “We still have some terminology” to work through, Kerry said

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No media bias here at all: anti-Ford protesters booed at Ford Fest, so CTV characterizes it as homophobia

Here's a shock. Ford Fest is the annual gathering where legions of Rob Ford's supporters come out to party with Toronto's most popular municipal politician. But it's no news that Ford has plenty of detractors too, and a handful of these bitter characters with nothing better going on in their lives decided to crash Ford Fest to heckle the Mayor. Today, some of those Ford-haters presented themselves as being from the LGBT community, and they came carrying insulting placards and shouting abuse at Ford.

It would seem pretty natural and predictable that party-poopers who turn up to crap on other people's fun would get booed and insulted. But Toronto's mainstream media has a hate-on for Rob Ford, so with glaring, unprofessional bias, CTV characterized the exchange between Ford's fans and foes as if it were an unprovoked outburst of homophobia from 'Ford Nation.'

"'Go home': LGBTQ members greeted by angry shouts at Ford Fest," screamed out the CTV headline.

Mitch Wolfe & friends at Ford Fest
Ford has been viciously depicted as a bigot in the media, but as local writer Mitch Wolfe observed, Ford's supporters at this year's Ford Fest, as has been the case in years past, were overwhelmingly comprised of people from Toronto's multi-racial, multi-ethnic communities.

That monkey wrench in the media narrative has Toronto's latte-sucking pseudo-intellectuals in a tizzy. There's a panic going on among the elites in our city now that despite his travails,  Ford is back on the scene, beating his rivals in debates and polling evenly with the other two top contenders.

Get ready for plenty of media histrionics about Ford in the weeks and months to come before the October municipal election.

Sen. Cruz Files Sanction Iran, Safeguard America Act


WASHINGTON, DC -- U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, today filed legislation to impose sanctions against Iran to help safeguard America.

“The recent extension of negotiations over Iran's nuclear program and further relaxation of economic sanctions is confirmation that the Obama Administration's policy of tempting Tehran to curb its nuclear ambitions through preemptive concessions is indeed a historic mistake,” said Sen. Cruz. “The Iranians still have not taken any serious steps to rein in their nuclear program. The 19,000 centrifuges are still spinning. Not one pound of enriched uranium has left Iran. Research and development of ICBMs continues unchecked.  And, Iran continues to operate the world's most extensive and sophisticated state-sponsored terrorist network.

“It is well past time to reverse this potentially disastrous course,” he said. “A nuclear-armed Iran poses an intolerable existential threat to the United States and our allies; we cannot let this misguided diplomatic process drift on endlessly while they plot our destruction. I urge my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to join me in urging President Obama to reverse course before it is too late.”


No jokes about this headline allowed! Snow supports Rob Ford

Mayor Rob Ford was informed he had some support from a 90’s sensation Thursday when rapper Snow dropped by his office.

The Toronto artist, known for his 90s hit “Informer,” told CP24 that he had come to meet with the mayor to show him support because Ford has been supportive of his community.

Khomeinists and far-left terrorism-enablers to return to Toronto's Queen's Park for al Scum Day

Canada has many urbane, intelligent, decent, sophisticated Muslim citizens. But you aren't going to find any who could be described that way among the horde of vile scum who will descend upon Toronto's Queen's Park tomorrow afternoon to scream their murderous hate and support for vicious, homophobic dictatorships. The Islamists who will pollute Queen's Park tomorrow are the sort that decent, law-abiding Muslims came from their places of birth to Canada to escape.

Yes, it's that fun time of year again where anyone interested can see evidence of the enormous flaws in our immigration system that allowed backwards vermin who want to murder apostates, blasphemers, Jews and gays into Canada.

They'll be there for their day of rage, al Quds Day, the holiday invented by Iran's deceased, depraved dictator the Ayatollah Khomeini, which was meant as an annual bloodfest calling for the destruction of Israel. These people will also be celebrating an avowed enemy of Canada, Iran's dictatorship. Canada broke off diplomatic relations with that country, the leading state-sponsor of international terror, in 2012 and imposed sanctions against it. But nonetheless, tomorrow you'll see the al Quds Islamists bearing pictures of Khomeini, along with the flags of groups listed as terror organizations by Canada as they chant their calls for a genocide of Israel's Jews.

It's the same crowd who condemn support for Ontario's Liberals because they are led by an "unclean" lesbian. These are the same people who wanted to see the maker of a satirical film about Islam's brutal founder beheaded for blasphemy, as evidently their death cult worships Mohammed more zealously than if he were God himself.

They'll have some useful idiot far-left radicals in tow. This year probably a few more than usual, since they'll be anxious to decry Israel's current campaign to stop rocket fire from Gaza launched by the terrorists of Hamas. As far as these degenerates are concerned, Israel has no right to defend itself. Though Hamas forces the Palestinians of Gaza to act as human shields, and Israel makes strenuous efforts to reduce civilian casualties, they'll denounce Israel's defense as a genocide. That though the sum total number of fatalities for the current two-week round of heated conflict in Gaza tallies up to fewer than a slow day's count of global Muslim-on-Muslim killings, which is repeated over and over and over.

Among those who regularly speak at Toronto's al Quds rallies is Sid Lacombe, the head of the deceptively named Canadian Peace Alliance. If you've never seen Lacombe, he is what I'd imagine Leon Trotsky would have been like if Trotsky was fat, unsuccessful, dressed poorly, wasn't very smart, and couldn't manage proper grooming. His speeches suggest he has an affinity for every miscreant dictatorship on the planet, just so long as it is opposed by Canada's democratic government. He and his group of misfits therefore are a natural ally for a pro-Iran Islamist like Zafar Bangash, an al Quds Day organizer. How these radical leftists would fare under the Sharia Law al Quds Islamists would like to see imposed everywhere would probably resemble the way like-minded communists were lethally treated by Khomeini after they no longer proved useful following the Ayatollah's 1979 takeover of Iran. But then, they aren't useful idiots, with an emphasis on the idiot part, for nothing.

This filth planning to sully Toronto's streets tomorrow is something from which most reasonable people would want to stay far away.  But if you are in the Queen's Park neighborhood, it is something worth giving a look. There will be a counter-protest by citizens opposed to their depravity, but seeing the al Quds monsters themselves is an important reminder of what lack of government diligence has allowed to enter into Canada, and could get worse if those flaws in our immigration system aren't corrected. People who share our democratic values and principles, of any background, should be welcomed. But the human garbage that comes to celebrate al Quds Day is something we should be able to filter out and send back to the sewers from which they came.

Unfortunately, there are still a few idiot holdouts stupid enough to be communists

And lots of them teach HERE

Well, there goes my gameplan - it turns out a miracle drug won't make people supersmart after all

In the movie "Lucy," Scarlett Johansson portrays a woman whose brain power is boosted tenfold when the drugs that smugglers packed into her abdomen leak into her bloodstream.
The plot rests on a premise that even director Luc Besson admits is bogus: that average humans use only 10 percent of their brain capacity. Neuroscientists say the average healthy brain has no functionless regions, although dormancy can result from injury. It's true that "smart drugs" might enhance some brain functions, such as memory or attention, but they don't work by switching on unused circuitry.
The "10 percent myth" has been around for more than a century, and it just won't die, despite what neuroscientists say. That's what makes it so appealing as a movie motif, for "Lucy" as well as for previous examples of the genre such as "Limitless" and "Transcendence."

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UN's scummy dictatorships try to silence UN Watch exposing their hypocrisy on "human rights"

Why You Should Exercise Caution If You’re Wearing A “Canada” Shirt

See the answer HERE

NDP Deputy Leader Libby Davies uses Gaza crisis to deliberately undermine Thomas Mulcair

There's an internal war going on in the New Democratic Party over Israel. The party's hard-core, anti-capitalist, loony-left fanatics have the end of the Jewish state as part of their religious canon. However, as crazy as he knows they are, and distasteful as he finds the fanatical bigots in the NDP,  party leader Thomas Mulcair is in a difficult position with them.

The hard left and their effective leaders Libby Davies and Megan Leslie represent the zealous activists who do lots of the party legwork during elections, and they make up a core part of NDP support. But by appealing to the nutcase left, the NDP simultaneously alienates voters who aren't ideologically rabid fanatics. To make the NDP more palatable to sane voters, Mulcair has done some work to sanitize the party, recently keeping hateful anti-Israel candidates like Paul Manly from seeking the party's nomination for a federal seat. But he also has to tread the fine line of continuing to engage the NDP's worst elements.

Libby Davies
That tightrope Mulcair is walking is a difficult one, and increasingly so as with an apparently deliberate effort by his Deputy Leader Libby Davies to undermine him.

Davies severely embarrassed her party and ruined an opportunity for the NDP to capitalize on the Conservative and previous Liberal governments' handling of the Afghan file by become a major distraction with her anti-Israel rhetoric in 2010. In a statement made to a citizen journalist in a YouTube video, Davies' effectively said that Israel had no legitimacy as a country. The upheaval that report caused in the media and among her own party led to Davies being condemned by Mulcair and a humiliating pilgrimage by the late NDP leader Jack Layton to Israel's ambassador in Canada to apologize for her comments.

In the aftermath of that 2010 catastrophe for the NDP,  Davies was told in no uncertain terms by the party leaders, including Mulcair, to stay away from commenting on international issues that had no bearing on her brief as Health Critic. But among the many things of which Libby Davies can be accused, being bright or good at impulse control are not among them. Davies continued to occasionally veer into outbursts about Israel, such as with her support for the Sea Hitler flotilla that attempted to break the arms embargo of the terror group Hamas.

Now, just days after NDP leader Mulcair issued a balanced call for the cessation of hostilities and blamed Hamas for the continuation of violence, Davies is undermining her party leader by endorsing a petition which places all the blame for the Gaza crisis on Israel.

Composed by her fellow NDP Sea Hitler supporter, Quebec MP Alexandre Boulerice,  the petition completely neglects to mention Hamas but does state: "There is only one solution to achieve this for both Palestinians and Israelis: putting an end to the occupation of the West Bank and the siege of Gaza. " Absent from Boulerice's and Davies' reasoning is that the blockade of Gaza was caused by the launch of missiles from it and the fact that it is controlled by a terror group committed to not only the elimination of Israel but the murder of any Jew it can find. The West Bank occupation continues, despite many offers that would have given the Palestinians a state of their own, because no Palestinian leadership has been found that would negotiate in good faith. 

The Davies wing's resentment of Thomas Mulcair is well known. Murray Dobbin, a columnist for, a radical, far-left online magazine published by Libby Davies' spouse Kim Elliott, recently sent out an email encouraging NDP supporters to withhold donations from the party. Dobbin's email pronounced:   "...Mulcair sucker-punched Vancouver MP Libby Davies for a Youtube interview in which Davies criticized Israel's illegal occupation. It was a disgusting betrayal of NDP principles and ended up with the humiliation of Jack Layton who went cap-in-hand to the Israeli ambassador and apologized. It was a low point in the NDP's and Layton's history. Fortunately, a wave of protest prevented Layton from demoting Davies. Now Mulcair, a devoted Zionist who refuses to adhere to the NDP’s policy on Palestine, is at it again...Just another reason to boycott all NDP fund-raising appeals until the party begins behaving in a principled manner worthy of a social democratic party."

The Davies wing of radicals within the NDP want to use Israel as a dagger to stab Thomas Mulcair in the back. Whether Mulcair can strike a balance with them, is undermined by them, or is forced to discipline them is something that will be a very interesting situation to watch unfold in the coming months before the next election.

Congress unanimously passes Hezbollah International Financing Prevention Act of 2014

Hezbollah International Financing Prevention Act of 2014 - States that it shall be U.S. policy to: (1) prevent Hezbollah's global logistics and financial network from operating in order to curtail funding of its domestic and international activities; and (2) utilize diplomatic, legislative, and executive avenues to combat Hezbollah's criminal activities in order to block that organization's ability to fund its global terrorist activities.
Directs the President to report to Congress: (1) a list of satellite, broadcast, or other providers that knowingly transmit the content of al-Manar TV; and (2) the identity of those providers that have or have not been sanctioned pursuant to Executive Order 13224.
Directs the Secretary of the Treasury to prohibit or impose strict conditions on the opening or maintaining in the United States of a correspondent account or a payable-through account by a foreign financial institution that knowingly: (1) facilitates the activities of Hezbollah or its agents, instrumentalities, affiliates, or successors; (2) facilitates the activities of a person acting on behalf of or owned or controlled by an agent, instrumentality, affiliate, or successor; (3) engages in money laundering to carry out such an activity; (4) facilitates a significant transaction or provides significant financial services to carry out such an activity, including services that involve a transaction of gold, silver, platinum, or other precious metals; or (5) facilitates any of these activities, conspires to facilitate or participate in such an activity, or is owned or controlled by a foreign financial institution that knowingly engages in such an activity.
see MORE

Funny Stuff: A display of the intelligence of a cross-section of anti-Israel protesters...

Plus more comedy: Loser Loony Leftists and Scumbag Islamists try to get Canadian Prime Minister Harper and Foreign Minister Baird charged for "hate crimes" for denouncing terror group Hamas.

Krauthammer: "UN workers have collaborated with Hamas for years"

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Congress Must Investigate the UN Role in Gaza

Allen West: Obama Complains About Fake Racism Because He’s “Devoid of Character”


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Ezra Levant & Jason Kenney on Canadians assaulted by Palestinian supporters in Calgary

More terrorist missiles found in UN school in Gaza

For the second time in less than a week, rockets have been found in a school in Gaza operated by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, the body said

My day yesterday: Sammy Hagar, buxom bisexuals, Skippy Stalin and Adolf Hitler

The bright sunshine of a hot, cloudless afternoon seemed like the right conditions to go check out Sammy Hagar's launch of his Beach Bar Rum at the Summerhill liquor store yesterday. I'd been in that store a week earlier and noticed the poster up for Hagar's visit. There isn't a single Sammy Hagar song I could name if you held a gun to my head, but I had some vague recollection of his being with Van Halen for a while, so I snapped a photo of the poster and sent it off to my blogger buddies Skippy Stalin and Blazing Cat Fur, thinking they might appreciate the humor of it.

BCF couldn't make it, but Skippy was keen on the irony of seeing Sammy sell rum in person and wanted to check it out, so that's where we were at 1:30 on Tuesday. There was a pretty long line up of Hagar fans waiting more than an hour in advance for a chance to get a photo with the aging Heavy Metallurgist and in traditional rock star fashion, he showed up late. Making it worse was that before Hagar was allowed to speak to the crowd, we had to endure a series of incredibly boring speeches by PR flacks and LCBO executives droning on about how wonderful their organizations are. One of the LCBO bosses boasted how wonderful Ontario's liquor monopoly is for being the only place in Canada you can find a bottle of Sammy Hagar's Beach Bar Rum. I guess that means it's as hard to buy a bottle of Hagar's rum in Alberta as it is to buy a bottle of French wine in your local convenience store in Ontario, differentiating us from every other jurisdiction in the civilized world.

When he finally took the microphone, Hagar spoke for all of about two minutes, saying something to the effect of "God bless purveyors of alcohol," and made a hasty exit from the store, without signing autographs or posing for pictures with his fans.

Nonetheless, Skippy and I each bought bottles of Hagar's overpriced rum out of sheer curiosity, and then adjourned to a bar a bit south on Yonge Street because Skippy had been in there earlier and developed a fondness for a waitress he described as "having a porn star's face." Having worked in Los Angeles for some time, I had a general idea of what he meant, but I still thought that an unusual expression since the face is not usually the first descriptor of a porn star.

The waitress was indeed a comely bar wench and all was proceeding normally, with Skippy and I drinking at the bar, until I spied the back of a young woman sitting on the outdoor patio, on which in very large letters, she had a tattoo of a Latin phrase.

My Latin isn't what it should be, but I did recognize the Latin for "never," and wondered what the rest of it said. I entered the phrase into Google translate, but it didn't produce a coherent result, so I stepped out to the patio to ask the woman the meaning of her tattoo. In my experience, people who go to the trouble of having things permanently inscribed on their bodies after multiple punctures over the course of hours are usually quite happy to discuss them. The woman with the tattoo turned out to be very appealing-looking, buxom, and pleasant, and was no exception to the rule. She informed me her tattoo meant "never grow old, never give in." I suspect she had the Latin wrong, but in any case she was pretty and was accompanied at the table by an attractive brunette whose acquaintance she had only just made half an hour earlier and like her companion, was pleasingly busty and wearing a low-cut top.

Buying us all a round of tequila struck me as being the appropriate thing to do in the circumstances, so I retrieved Skippy from inside the bar, and a round of tequila was enjoyed by the four of us. That was followed by another round of tequila, and then another.  And then I lost count.

After a while, we all adjourned inside the pub to sit at a booth with the two women beside each other, me sitting next to the one with the tattoo, and Skippy, along with the brunette's business partner, who had just arrived at the bar sitting opposite.

In a very sudden development, the two women beside me, who had only just met, decided there and then to experiment with bisexuality. They started making out, passionately kissing and sloppily sliding their tongues in each other's mouths. Then my tattooed friend suggested that the brunette and she should go back to the former's home. The brunette seemed intrigued by the offer, but her business partner was understandably concerned that she was drunk and making a decision she might regret when sober. I made sure the business partner left with the women, who proceeded down Yonge Street with the tattooed woman's arm around the waist of the brunette.

The moral of that story, I suppose, is that just a few drinks with me can turn a heterosexual woman into a lesbian. So if there are any women who want to experiment in that area, just email me through the contact info on my blog, bring along your prospective partner in bi-curiosity, take us out for drinks and see what happens. I love bringing people together.

However, I had other things on my mind at the bar as the two women were exiting it. I'd just received a call from Blazing Cat Fur asking me to contact the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center, an organization for which I used to do consulting work, to inform them of a rather serious, and very funny mistake they had made.

As a parody, Blazing Cat Fur had superimposed the image of Adolf Hitler over the poster promoting an "al Quds Day" rally, the annual hate-fest for psychotic local Islamists who want to destroy Israel. Thinking the parody was the genuine Toronto al Quds Day rally poster, FSWC had sent out an email blast condemning the al Quds rally's links to Hitler and genocidal Nazi ideology. While the al Quds Day rallies are regularly punctuated with calls for the murder of Jews, racist invective like organizer Zafar Bangash calling US President Barack Obama, "that black man in the White House," and a general environment of vileness and evil of which Hitler would have undoubtedly approved, the people behind it are not quite so stupid as to put his likeness on the poster. So while Der Fuhrer will most certainly be hovering over al Quds Day rallies in spirit, it probably would not behoove FSWC to decry a parody poster as the real thing and make a fuss over it. Although in fairness to FSWC, the invective from our local Islamists against Israel is so hateful and vicious that it doesn't need a huge leap of imagination to think admiration of Hitler by them could make its way out in to the open. These Islamists are, after all, the same people who approvingly posted anti-Israel YouTube tirades by neo-Nazi leader David Duke on their website.

So I called and emailed my old contacts at FSWC and set them straight, and Skippy and I proceeded down Yonge Street to Cumberland Street and a bar called The Pilot.

On the way down Yonge, just north of Davenport Road, I was accosted by a woman who noticed me carrying my rollerblades and she started hectoring me about not having a helmet. The woman appeared to be somewhere between her late 40's and early 60's (I'm terrible at estimating people's ages) and was nice enough, so I invited her along to have a tequila with Skippy and me. That evoked a mild protest that this woman, whose name I've completely forgotten so I'll call her Midge for convenience, couldn't drink tequila, only beer. I told Midge I was only going to buy tequila, not beer and it was her choice whether she wanted to come with us or not. She did.

So Skippy, Midge and I wound up on The Pilot's rooftop patio, and Midge told us about how not wearing a bicycle helmet led to her getting brain damage in an accident. So I bought her another tequila to make her feel better.

Sitting next to Midge with my back to the rooftop fence, I could not help but notice two very lovely, shapely women, a blond and a dark haired beauty sitting at the table opposite me. Sending a couple of shots of tequila over to them struck me as the appropriate thing to do, and then the sexy dark haired woman called me over.

"You don't remember me, do you?" she said, making a correct inference from my blank, goofy look. Whenever someone says that to me it could lead next to something very good or very bad. My immediate instinct when challenged like that, particularly by an attractive woman, is to... well, not lie exactly, but sputter out something like "how could I possibly forget someone as beautiful as you?" and hope that the memory of whom I speaking with comes back before I get caught out.

In this case, the woman was someone I'd spoken to quite often and quite recently. She is an employee of Moses Znaimer for his Zoomer Media. Znaimer, a septuagenarian, has the wisdom and good sense, plus the money to be able to keep himself surrounded by extremely pretty women at all times. This particular woman I first met at a taping of Conrad Black's show and again spent lots of time speaking with her at Znaimer's 3-day long IdeaCity conference last month. As it was, she didn't appear too offended at my absent-mindedness, and really, how mad can you get at someone who arbitrarily decides to buy you a shot of tequila in a bar? Actually, I take that back. The last time I was out with Skippy, I managed to make a woman I bought a tequila shot at a bar quite angry, and only for innocently discussing the behavior patterns of female lions. I guess i have a talent for that sort of thing.

But in this case, everything was fine and we were happy to get reacquainted. However, the beauties at the adjacent table weren't the only ones drinking and I had downed more shots than I could recall. It was time for me to go. Midge was either in the bathroom, or had wandered off, but it was definitely time for me to get going, so with Skippy, wandered into only one more pub on Prince Arthur Avenue for a final drink, and then we parted ways and I skated off into the night to seek out my comfortable bed at home.