Saturday, January 24, 2015

Thousands of Palestinians protest Charlie Hebdo Mohammad cartoon

(Reuters) - Thousands of Palestinians rallied in the occupied West Bank on Saturday to protest against the publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammad in French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo.

Simultaneous demonstrations were held in the cities of Ramallah and Hebron less than three weeks after Islamist gunmen shot dead 12 people in the Paris office of Charlie Hebdo, which has repeatedly featured cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad.
The magazine returned to the newsstands the following week with a cartoon of the prophet on its front page.
"France is the mother of terrorism. America is the mother of terrorism," the protesters chanted. They carried black-and-white banners which read "There is only one God and Mohammad is his messenger."

For those interested in formal wear, The Suits of James Bond

There's a great little website combining movie trivia with wardrobe tips I happened upon the other day called, The Suits of James Bond.

It describes the various outfits worn by James Bond in the film series as portrayed by the different actors who portrayed the world's most famous secret agent, with a particular emphasis on Sean Connery, who was undoubtedly the most stylish of them all.

Not only is Bond's fashion fashion style described in great detail, but that of the villains, supporting characters, other on-screen spies, and occasionally the wardrobe of the Bond actors in some of their non-Bond films.

It contains wonderful, gem-like tips such as this:

"A brown dinner jacket lacks the elegance of a black or ivory dinner jacket, but on the other hand it flatters Goldfinger’s warm autumn complexion more than the more traditional colours would. The gold shantung silk lapels bring Goldfinger’s favourite colour into the dinner jacket, and gold metal—or likely brass considering it’s only a film costume—buttons add another level of gaudiness to the jacket. Metal buttons would ordinarily make any jacket look like a blazer, but Goldfinger’s dinner jacket still looks like a dinner jacket since the gold buttons somewhat match the colour of the lapels."
 I heartily recommend the site, which you can find HERE.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Bill Maher: "You're not even a proper liberal because you don't get free speech."

..."Yeah, liberals hate bullying alright but they're not opposed to using it when they causally through out words like bigot and racist," Maher said. 

"It does cower people into avoiding this debate. And if you're doing that, you don't get to wear the "Je suis Charlie" button; the button you wear is 'Je suis part of the problem.' And that goes for everybody," he added...
...Ironically you're not even a proper liberal because you don't get free speech. You're just a baby who can't stand to live in a world where you hear things that upset you... 

h/t Kathy S.

BRIAN LILLEY: Trudeau shows he's no leader

...For months the Conservatives have been saying Trudeau is "in way over his head." After initially choosing not to attack Trudeau, the NDP have also begun to target the Liberal leader saying Justin doesn't have the experience to lead.

There is no low too low for anti-Israel activists

From Legal Insurrection:
Anti-Israel activists in New York City have started a campaign as part of the Boycott, Divest and Sanctions movement to try to prevent City Council members and other politicians from visiting Israel. A coalition of 40 groups, most of which are quite small but including the usual suspects like the inaccurately named Jewish Voice for Peace are leading the effort.
At a NY City Council meeting today, anti-Israel activists disrupted a vote commemorating the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, shouting for one of the council members not to travel to Israel, as reported by Jacob Kornbluh at Jewish Political News & Updates website, which has video:
Pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel activists disrupted the City Council’s stated meeting on Thursday while members were voting on a resolution commemorating the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.
The protesters started yelling, “shame on you, Melissa”, “why are you supporting an apartheid” and “Palestinian lives matter.”
After five minutes of yelling and screaming, the some 40 protesters were ordered to leave and escorted out the balcony.
Council member Cory Johnson called it “incredibly disrespectful and offensive. Simply awful.” Councilman Mark Weprin added, “The State of Israel has never supported the killing of innocent people, and they want to love in peace.”
“I am still shaken, upset and angry,” Councilman David Greenfield. “Shame on them for hating Jews.”
“But I’m pleased, because we can stop pretending that this is about Israel. What we saw here was blatant antisemitism, good old fashioned antisemitism,” Greenfield roared. “They were angry, you know why? because Hitler did not finish the job.”...
More HERE 

Thomas L. Friedman: The problem is Islamism

In National Post:
...Last week the conservative columnist Rich Lowry wrote an essay in Politico that contained quotes from White House spokesman Josh Earnest that I could not believe. I was sure they were made up. But I checked the transcript: 100% correct. I can’t say it better than Lowry did:
“The administration has lapsed into unselfconscious ridiculousness. Asked why the administration won’t say [after the Paris attacks] we are at war with radical Islam, Earnest on Tuesday explained the administration’s first concern ‘is accuracy. We want to describe exactly what happened. These are individuals who carried out an act of terrorism, and they later tried to justify that act of terrorism by invoking the religion of Islam and their own deviant view of it.’
“This makes it sound as if the Charlie Hebdo terrorists set out to commit a random act of violent extremism and only subsequently, when they realized that they needed some justification, did they reach for Islam.
“The day before, Earnest had conceded that there are lists of recent ‘examples of individuals who have cited Islam as they’ve carried out acts of violence.’ Cited Islam? According to the Earnest theory … purposeless violent extremists rummage through the scriptures of great faiths, looking for some verses to cite to support their mayhem and often happen to settle on the holy texts of Islam.”
President Obama knows better. I am all for restraint on the issue, and would never hold every Muslim accountable for the acts of a few. But it is not good for us or the Muslim world to pretend that this spreading jihadist violence isn’t coming out of their faith community. It is coming mostly, but not exclusively, from angry young men and preachers on the fringe of the Sunni Arab and Pakistani communities in the Middle East and Europe.
If Western interventions help foster violent Islamic reactions, we should reduce them. To the extent that Muslim immigrants in European countries feel marginalized, they and their hosts should worker harder on absorption. But both efforts will only take you so far.
Something else is also at work, and it needs to be discussed. It is the struggle within Arab and Pakistani Sunni Islam over whether and how to embrace modernity, pluralism and women’s rights. That struggle drives, and is driven by, the dysfunctionality of so many Arab states and Pakistan. It has left these societies with too many young men who have never held a job or a girl’s hand, who then seek to overcome their humiliation at being left behind, and to find identity, by “purifying” their worlds of other Muslims who are not sufficiently pious and of Westerners whom they perceive to be putting Muslims down. But you don’t see this in the two giant Muslim communities in Indonesia or India.
Only Sunni Arabs and Pakistanis can get inside their narrative and remediate it. But reformers can only do that if they have a free, secure political space. If we’re not going to help create space for that internal dialogue, let’s just be quiet. Don’t say stupid stuff. And don’t hold airy fairy conferences that dodge the real issues, which many mainstream Muslims know and are actually eager to discuss, especially women.
The Arab journalist Diana Moukalled, writing in the London-based Asharq Al-Awsat last week, asked: “Don’t all these events now going on around us and committed in our name require us to break the fear barrier and begin to question our region and our societies, especially the ideas being trafficked there that have led us to this awful stage where we are tearing at one another’s throats — to mention nothing of what as a result also happens beyond our region?”
And a remarkable piece in The Washington Post Sunday by Asra Q. Nomani, an American Muslim born in India, called out the “honour corps” — a loose, well-funded coalition of governments and private individuals “that tries to silence debate on extremist ideology in order to protect the image of Islam.” It “throws the label of ‘Islamophobe’ on pundits, journalists and others who dare to talk about extremist ideology in the religion...

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Tarek Fatah: The Left has failed to confront Islamism

As the world struggles to understand and cope with the rise of pan-Islamism and international jihadi terrorism within western countries, one thing is becoming increasingly clear.

The success of the Islamists is partly due to what I believe is a grand betrayal of civil society by the political left in the western democracies.

Instead of leading the fight against the fanatics’ religious obscurantism, they have embraced it.

The refusal of social democrats, liberals and leftists to stand up to Islamofascism in the democracies of Europe, North America, India and South Africa, has also had an unintended consequence.

It has paved the way for an anti-immigrant backlash against all non-whites, in which the left are portrayed as apologists for religious fanaticism.

An unnecessary rise of xenophobia that could have been avoided, had the left led the struggle against Islamofascism, is now entrenched.

Imagine if Labour in the UK, Democrats in the U.S., the Congress and CPM in India, socialists in France and the left in Canada had not catered to Islamists, but instead drawn a line in the sand on such issues as gender apartheid.

Think how different things would be today.

See also:  Jihadists Are Calling for New Attacks in Canada, Some on Oil and Media Companies

The same al Qaeda offshoot claiming responsibility for the Charlie Hebdo shootings is calling for lone-wolf attacks against other western nations—among them Canada—according to a private intelligence company, while an online jihadist calls for similar operations on western oil and media targets.
Search for International Terrorist Entities (SITE) Intelligence—an American outfit monitoring global jihadist movements online—posted a report to its website showing a video of Nassar bin Ali al Ansi, the leader of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), encouraging terrorist actions in the West...

Obama's 'ordinary American' was Democratic Party staffer

The woman whose story of economic recovery was showcased by President Barack Obama in his State of the Union address is a former Democratic campaign staffer and has been used by Obama for political events in the past.
Rebekah Erler has been presented by the White House as a woman who was discovered by the president after she wrote to him last March about her economic hardships. She was showcased in the speech as proof that middle class Americans are coming forward to say that Obama’s policies are working...

Andrew Lawton Vs Justin Trudeau

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

“Insults in general are not allowed for anyone" say Saskatoon Islamic idiots who want Sharia free speech restrictions for Canada

And special thanks to Pope Francis for giving incredibly stupid support to these Islamo-fascists:

SASKATOON – Some members of Saskatoon’s Muslim community say there is no true right to free speech. Holding signs that said “Freedom of speech has limits” and “Insults aren’t freedom of speech,” the group rallied Sunday outside of city hall.
While they say they condemn the recent attack in Paris against the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo for publishing depictions of the prophet Muhammad, rally-goers said the magazine’s cartoons went too far.
“We have to stop it, and we have to come to an intellectual debate,” said organizer Mustafa Mustaan.
“Whoever defends this insult has to know that they are accepting intellectual defeat because we, as human beings, are not to insult, but to intellectually debate each other.”
The group says Islam continues to face an unfair onslaught of insults daily.
h/t Kathy S

Palestinians celebrate terrorist attack on innocents on public bus in Tel Aviv

Liel Suissa, an 8th grader from Bat Yam, was on his way to his new high school Wendesday morning, when a Palestinian terrorist armed with a knife began to attack people on the number 40 bus in central Tel Aviv. 

"The terrorist suddenly began stabbing," the 13-year-old recalled. "We all ran back. Most people came flying towards me.

"I was sitting on the bus and I heard people shouting. The terrorist had suddenly gone to the driver and stabbed him. He was shouting things, but I couldn't hear clearly. I saw him stab the driver, and I ran to the back with the others to get away from him. He approached us, I broke the window and got out."...

 Plus:  'I am knife' sweeps Twitter as people PRAISE Palestinian who stabbed 11 people on Israeli bus

Unearthing the rot at Canada’s largest school board

From National Post:
It is difficult to put into words the level of rot unearthed in Margaret Wilson’s investigation of the Toronto District School Board (TDSB). Indeed, it’s an indication of the depths to which Canada’s largest school board has sunk that Ms. Wilson, a former registrar at the Ontario College of Teachers, felt obliged to hold back some evidence to protect the identity of her informants among TDSB staff, who were terrified of retribution.

Appointed in November by the Ontario’s Minister of Education, Ms. Wilson delivered her report on Jan. 15. Its conclusion: The TDSB is so hopelessly dysfunctional that “an honest conversation with the public about other ways of governing the province’s largest school board would be productive at this point.” In other words, blow the thing up and start over...

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

"Taliban" Jack may be gone, but Jihad Justin and Isis Tom think Canada should cower before Islamic terror

The mind-boggling spinelessness and stupidity of Canada's two opposition parties came into focus today with their idiotic posturing about the mission of Canadian troops in Iraq supporting the fight against the Islamic State terror army.

...senior military officials revealed on Monday that Canadian special operations forces came under ISIS attack over the last week and returned fire to “neutralize” the threat.
Brig.-Gen. Michael Rouleau said the special ops had just completed a planning session with Iraqi forces several kilometres behind the front lines when they came under mortar and machine-gun fire.

“This is the first time that this has happened since our arrival and our reaction is wholly consistent with the inherent right of self-defence,” he said of the roughly 69 special ops deployed to Iraq in an advisory and training role. 
Canadian troops are in a war zone, and even if not on the front lines, need to be prepared to return fire if attacked. Other than making pilgrimages to mosques where jihadists have been recruited to kiss the asses of Islamists, Jihad Justin Trudeau must think that like his magical, airheaded formula for fixing Canada's deficit, the dangers facing the middle east from the Islamic State will just solve themselves if left alone.

Amazingly, an evasive Trudeau told my friend Andrew Lawton in an interview on Andrew's radio show on London's AM 980 today that he has "never been against Canada engaging robustly against ISIS." Evidently Justin Trudeau's notion of "robust" is baking cookies for the Americans while they take the lead.

Isis Tom Mulcair evidently feels the same way, making him a worthy successor to Taliban Jack.

Why demolotion guys were tearing down Stollery's first thing Sunday morning

I was walking by Stollery's on Sunday morning and thought it was odd the demolition people were at it then.

Now it makes sense. The development industry OWNS and bureaucrats politicians at Toronto's City Hall and Queen's Park.

Last weekend the crow bars came out at the Stollerys building as crews began work to remove the facade.
The building had housed an apparel store that had operated at the corner for more than 100 years before the building was sold last fall.
Despite its stone carvings, the building does not have heritage designation under the city bylaws. The new owner was granted a demolition permit on Friday and over weekend the work began.
Architect Catherine Nasmith, president of the Toronto branch of Ontario's Architectural Conservancy, said the building should have been preserved.
"It's clear to anybody looking at that building that it had heritage value," she said Monday during an interview on CBC Radio's Metro Morning. "The carvings on it were wonderful. It had been a business that had been in the city for 100 years."