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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bill Maher - a racist who accuses all Republicans of racism

To kill some time a few days ago, I made the mistake of flipping on the HBO talk show, Real Time with Bill Maher. I should have known better. Maher is a tiresome polemicist who tries to wrap his bigotry in the veneer of what is supposed to be comedy.

Doing more harm than good to his paramour, Maher's puerile proclivity to label anything and everything the Republicans do or say as  "racist"  devalues any meaning to the word. Remarkably, within literal breaths of idiotically accusing a mild Republican TV ad that criticized Obama's economic steward  of racism, Maher showed himself to be as racist as they come.

He's done the same thing many, many times, noticeable recently with his banal insults of comedian Wayne Brady for not being "black" enough.

Maher has an intense man-crush on US President Obama which may be another manifestation of his enchantment with African-American prostitutes.

"Obama plays gold like he's white but fights like he's black," was undoubtedly meant as a compliment by the hyper-partisan celebrity, but it was another in a long string of examples of Maher revealing how he atributes characteristics to skin color.

Guess what? That is the definition of racism. It's also typical of Maher, who is so five minutes ago, evidently not getting the memo that "racist" was yesterday's buzzword to vilify your enemies. The new one is "bully."

Maher's not funny, he's not edgy, and he's not very clever. Perhaps his desperate histrionics come from knowing that everything he tries to do, Jon Stewart does much, much better. And maybe that's the root of Maher's problem. Ostensibly he's a comedian, but regularly veers into what evidently is intended as serious political commentary, and he's not particularly adept at either.

It's acceptable for professional comedians to make jokes about race as long as they're actual jokes. Maybe everything Maher says intended as a joke and there's an easy way he can clear up the confusion. When he says something that's supposed to be funny, he should have a caption come up on the TV screen identifying it as "joke." Given that Maher is so awful at humor, how else does he expect anyone to know?

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